National Wedding Show – Wales | Guest blog post | go see!!! 

We’ve written a blog post as guests on The National Wedding Show of Wales’ site – go have a look!

Why choose the National Wedding Show of Wales?


Three amazing couples, two beautiful locations, one gorgeous outcome | Engagement Photography South Wales

You’ll probably remember as part of our launch we advertised for the chance to win an engagement shoot, and we drew three winners at random; Payten & Ovi, Holly & Richard, and Lianne & Mike (Lianne then went on to become our blogger bride!)

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Dear Bride-to-be; Avoid these top 5 post-wedding regrets

Have you ever heard Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Sunscreen’ song? I heard it again the other day on the radio. 

The song says that advice is a form of nostalgia and that dispensing it is a way of retrieving the past from the disposal, wiping it clean, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it. 

If I could give you just a few small but oh-so-important things to consider to make sure your happiness and excitement continues after your wedding, these five points would be it. 

Here are the 5 most common retrieved, wiped clean and recycled  pieces of nostalgia when it comes to your wedding day I’ve encountered, both from personal experience and what others have told me. 
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Children at Weddings – Deciding whether to have an adult-only wedding day, or allowing kids to be there

Today was meant to be the first day the kids go back to school. Instead half term has been extended in our house due to my 5 year old being poorly with a fever and a sore throat. However if you could see the way he’s playing and jumping around right now you’d be forgiven for thinking I was lying! 😉

I wondered what I’d do if I was a guest at a wedding today and was due to take the children, what people’s thoughts were when deciding to have children at their wedding, and more to the point, HOW they make that decision. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of Jenna Mcdonnell – Newport Hair & Make-up Artist

A peek behind the scenes into the professional life of one of the biggest names in South Wales for hair and beauty. I recently caught up with award-winning hair & make up artist Jenna Mcdonnell to find out what a usual day for her looks like. Photographs courtesy of yours truly 🙂 xx


I’d arranged to meet with Jenna at the end of last year and had been sooo excited for the day to finally arrive. Continue reading